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Are you tired of feeling stuck, unfulfilled, and constantly struggling through life? Despite all your efforts, do you find yourself trapped in unwanted behaviour patterns, unable to break free?

It's time to ask yourself: What is holding you back?

Life is too precious and fleeting to spend it in a state of perpetual dissatisfaction. You deserve more. You deserve a life filled with joy, purpose, and fulfilment. And the power to make that change lies within you.

How do I help?

Life Transformation
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Join upcoming Elite Mentorship Forum - the most transformative programme ever created!

In group or individually,

it's time to explore the untouched epic landscape hidden in your soul, access your inner power and get to your peak!

Psychedelic Preparation
& Integration
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Psychedelics for psychology are like a telescope for astronomy. 

It's essential to prepare mentally, physically and spiritually for safe, deep and positive transformational experience

Post experience integration is the window of opportunity to harness the momentum to bring transformational changes into life.​

Addiction Recovery
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Mature out of addiction naturally with deep mind, body and spirit healing and reclaim the life you truly deserve.

Addiction doesn't have to be a lifetime sentence but can be a catalyst for a rewarding journey of rediscovering your true self.

Family Members Support
Through Addiction
Support Group

Family plays a key role in supporting and promoting an addicted loved one's wellness.

Therefore, recovery is a journey involving the whole family's transformation. Have an empowering shift from a state of despair that only enables addictive behaviours.

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Gulshat, Artist

I was very lucky to have online coaching with Uriya. From the very first minutes, despite the distance, we formed a trusting bond. Her methods of transformational coaching, and the work is built on the verge of "magic". In the hands of a mentor, I witnessed my own development as a person going through the inner transformations of body and soul. Amazingly, Uriya has the ability to find keys for any situation, she is always in the flow and this makes her skills unique. Also, thanks to her expert curatorial skills, I really grew as an artist. My creativity and confidence are bursting and I have a great vision for my career development. Eternally grateful!

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Jane, IT Manager

After feeling stuck, lost and low on energy for many years, I didn't expect to get out of my condition so quickly. The sessions with Uriya really accelerated my healing and breakthrough.  Uriya is so good at getting to the core of the issue and connecting to your true inner self. The techniques she taught me to calm the circuits in my brain and practicing self love daily helped me to finally find my inner peace and the deep sense of Wholeness. I didn’t even notice how I let go of my old stories. I restored my sleep. I feel energized and full of life throughout a day. This was the shift I was missing and looking for in my life. I am incredibly grateful to Uriya for such an astonishing experience. ☺️


Kristina, Sales Development Representative & Yoga Instructor

I heard about Uriya a day after my ayahuasca ceremony. One of my dearest friends told me that she is a spiritual coach with a lot of experience and knowledge in this field. She truly is one of the best spiritual teachers! She is such a beautiful soul with a big heart full of love. I have learnt the importance of body and soul connection, proper nourishment and much more. During one of our sessions, we realised that we have some similarities in our live stories and ever since she has been a great example for me how to deal with challenging situations, let go of fear and be true to myself. I believe we met for a reason, as all people we meet in our life and I could not feel more grateful for this!

Join Success Stories

"Te"stimonialsovide a sense of what it's like to work with you, or what it's like to use your products and services."

Prior to my association with Uriya, I was navigating a sea of self-doubt and felt as if I was damaging all the things I held dear in my life. I was in a challenging state of mind as I was preparing for my inaugural Ayahuasca journey. Uriya's gentle yet assertive support was instrumental in helping me grapple with my inner demons, my fears, my potent feelings of guilt and shame, work-related stress, and confront life's hurdles with honor, tenacity, and a renewed optimism for an improved future. Uriya's guidance during Psilocybin and Huachuma sessions further facilitated a profound level of healing within me. Uriya's guidance coupled with unwavering faith in my abilities encouraged me to enhance my overall wellbeing and lifestyle. This has been a transformative leap in my personal development. Now, I am capable of stepping into any sphere of my life as the most genuine, grounded version of myself, be it as a leader, a father or a pillar of support to those who matter to me. If lasting change is what you're seeking, I can't recommend a better mentor or coach than Uriya.

Taco, Start-Up Founder & CEO

Why Transform With Me?

It's easy to get comfortable in the familiar, even if it's not serving you. Fear, doubt, and self-limiting beliefs often anchor us to the known. But growth and transformation can only happen when we step outside our comfort zone. Take a moment to reflect on your current situation. Do you feel free and allow yourself to be authentic? Are you living up to your fullest potential? If the answer is no, then it's time to break free from the chains that bind you from the life you beyond your dreams.

As an experienced Certified Elite Mentorship Trainer, a Certified Coach for psychedelic preparation and integration, addiction recovery, as well as Energy Healer, I am here to support you on this journey. 

I am not special. The reason I am equipped for life is because I have been through those challenges myself. Together, we will overcome obstacles, shatter self-imposed limitations, and embrace the limitless possibilities that lie ahead. Let's embark on this adventure of self-discovery, empowerment, and true fulfilment.

Embrace the change, for it is the gateway to the life you truly deserve.


Book a free no obligation call with me and I guarantee you will leave with at least one empowering insight!

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