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Empowered Women for Radiant Future!

Embrace Your Inner Magic:

Join Our Women's Circle To Unveil Your True Self and Manifest Your Soul's Potential

Why Souland?

Have you explored countless avenues for personal growth and healing, yet you still feel stuck amidst life's challenges, and struggle to sustain the positive changes you crave
Are you tired of inauthentic positivity and overwhelmed with mixed messages and ready for
genuine transformation?

Souland is a holistic space where your well-being is nurtured through these five essential keys:

  • There is no blueprint that fits all: We meet you where you are and tailor the experience, embracing you and your unique path.

  • We thrive outside comfort zone: We offer an inspiring haven for you to stretch your boundaries, awaken your senses and explore the true potential of your body, mind and soul.

  • Life is a dynamic balance between light and darkness: We'll safely guide you to face your fears, wounds, and shadows, once and for all unlocking the magnificent you hiding within.

  • Gratitude holds the magic to abundance: We celebrate your breakthroughs small or big with beautiful practices and rituals.

  • The power of collective energy enhances the shift and elevates our vibrations far beyond the circle itself helping us live with the flow, less effort and more grace.

Our Clients Say


"I am honoured and so grateful to have been on a Retreat with Uriya along with some other beautiful souls in a beautifully prepared and intimate environment. Resonating at an extremely high frequency, she conducted an incredibly strong yet gentle and reassuring ceremony, with everything happening like magic, and carried out with extreme professionalism... taking us to the realms of beyond current reality to embrace the Self.. At all times I felt supported, cared for and loved - at a level which can only be conveyed by being experienced."

Gill, Life Coach

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