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Our Mission

Connection after the pandemic is a priority for all of us. SOULAND’s mission is to reunite women in Guildford and beyond; by empowering them in their personal growth and creativity so that together we can play a positive role in shaping our collective wellbeing.

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  • Why am I here? Where do I come from? Who am I? Find your own Truth!

    Started Mar 25

  • Attune to innate wisdom of your biology to enhance your life!

    Started Mar 26

  • Open yourself to a fulfilling and happy connection with your beloved.

    Started Apr 2

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Why join SOULAND?

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Accelerate personal growth and find your life purpose.

Discover your limitless potential through arts & craft.

Tap into the amazing innate wisdom of your body for healing & vitality. 


​Rejuvenate your senses to unlock the true essence of who you are.


Reignite the spark in your intimate life.

Network & get support within the community of likeminded people.

Express your gifts and talents in ways that will make a difference!



Artist, Poet,
English & Literature Teacher

(BA Honours Literature, MA Distinction Fine Art)