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Networking event on 16 april!
courses taster day on 23
limited space - book in advance!

Image by Evie S.

Our Mission

Connection after the pandemic is a priority for all of us. SOULAND’s mission is to reunite women in Guildford and beyond; by empowering them in their personal growth and creativity so that together we can play a positive role in shaping our collective wellbeing.

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Image by Susan Wilkinson

Why join SOULAND?

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Accelerate personal growth and find your life purpose.

Discover your limitless potential through arts & craft.

Tap into the amazing innate wisdom of your body for healing & vitality. 


​Rejuvenate your senses to unlock the true essence of who you are.


Reignite the spark in your intimate life.

Network & get support within the community of likeminded people.

Express your gifts and talents in ways that will make a difference!



Artist, Poet,
English & Literature Teacher

(BA Honours Literature, MA Distinction Fine Art)

Bianca Hendicott helps people to discover themselves though art and creative writing. She is a multidisciplinary artist producing prints, film, poetry, sculpture, and various other multi-media works. Using flowers, dreams and light as symbols, she explores themes of femininity, spirituality, and identity. As an artist and poet she is fascinated with social structures, color, biology, and cultural heritage which weaves interesting patterns and connections between individuals and groups.

Bianca has been working in magazines, law and education. 

Enjoying Sunset

Our story & vision

Our story goes back even further than the first time we met on an MA Fine Art course in 2017. Individually and in our own way, we were both searching for something deeper. We were hoping to reignite our creativity that was lying dormant beneath work, home and motherhood. Both of us were compelled to nurture our souls in a drastic and powerful way. This was the journey towards drawing all those parts of ourselves back together in harmony to manifest a sense of fulfilment. Of course, we are still on this journey, but we have learnt so much along the way. We have learnt to celebrate our talents and those quiet moments of joyful expression inside of us. Our friendship has led to wonderful insights and experiences which highlight the true wonder of life in the now. Yes, the world does throw some curveballs but nevertheless we are urged to birth those gifts inside of ourselves and share them with others. Our creativity gradually soared as we worked through different aspects of ourselves: physical, spiritual and soulful. We discovered that this journey into ourselves and what we stood for, was empowering.

 Nobody has the same path, but we feel passionately about equipping other people to step onto their path, and explore new found parts of themselves. Our vision is to create a community of vibrant people who are willing to express themselves in a positive and creative manner.

Shake off all the baggage, grab some life giving water and jump back on your path! 



Artist, Life Coach, Divine Energies and Reiki Master 
(MA Distinction Fine Art, MBA Corporate Management, BA Honors International Economics)

Uriya Jurik helps people to transform their limitations, see their greatness, and step into the full expression of their true being.

Uriya is a Certified coach for life transformation, addiction recovery, entheogenic preparation and integration, as well as a Reiki and Divine Energies Healer. 

Previously Uriya worked in corporate finance until she downshifted to become a multi-disciplinary artist & co-founder of AUROOM ART Gallery.

Above all, Uriya is a loving partner and mother of three amazing children, a dog & a cat owner, and a human being who loves people, travel, nature, arts and culture. 

Image by Susan Wilkinson

Share your gifts at our space

Souland Space.jpg

“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it” – Margaret Fuller

Our ambient space is conveniently nested in the heart of Guildford and it has everything for you to share your talents. 

We are looking forward to

working with you.

Contact us for the terms.

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