Welcome to AUROOM LIFE

Imagine what your life would be if you radiate health, vitality, joy, you love what you do and the people around you?

Where are you right now?

  • Are you feeling emotionally drained and running low on energy?

  • Maybe you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed?

  • Are you feeling confused and lack direction? 

  • Maybe you feel you have forgotten who you really are? 

  • Or maybe you’re right on track, but can do with extra support?


AUROOM LIFE offers empowering holistic support for you to develop an effective and enjoyable plan to manifest a purposeful and abundant life in alignment with your authentic self.  

I am here to help you in any step of your journey:


My nurturing approach blends ancient practices with modern psychology, nutrition and science to help you achieve optimum health and wellness – in body, mind and spirit.


If you are looking for potent and proven ways of healing, personal growth and lasting life improvements, AUROOM LIFE is a safe, compassionate and non-judgmental space where your infinite life transformations happen.  

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Addiction Recovery

It's not only about being free from

addiction, it is about being free to be who you are!

Life Transformation

Suffering and continually looking for the answer outside of yourself in hope for another fix can be a symptom that you have detached from your spiritual root.

Life is to be lived!

Psychedelic Preparation & Integration

Family Support Through Addiction

Family plays a key role in supporting and promoting an addicted relative's wellness.

Therefore, recovery is a journey involving

the whole family's transformation

"When delivered safely and professionally, psychedelic therapy holds a great deal of promise for treating some very serious mental health conditions."

Dr Robin Carhart-Harris

Head of the Centre for Psychedelic Research, Imperial College London

Holding Hands

clients praise

“...Her extensive knowledge about entheogenic preparation, navigation through the ceremonies and integration process has broaden my horizons.

Samira - Mental Health Practitioner


Hello! I am Uriya, a Certified coach for addiction recovery, life transformation, psychedelic healing preparation and integration, as well as a Reiki Healer. 


I am also a multi-disciplinary artist and co-founder of AUROOM ART Gallery , a loving partner, a mother of three amazing children, and a warm-hearted and joyful human being who loves travel, nature, arts and culture.