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Uriya Jurik

Certified Elite Mentorship Trainer,
Life Transformation, Addiction Recovery and
Psychedelic Integration Coach


    09 Oct, 20:00 – 21:30 BST
    Join the interactive workshop hosted by Peter Sage's Elite Trainers. You are going to walk away with: • Gaining more background on how to live your life effortlessly • Results of the interactive Workshop • List of next actions • Perks and bonuses worth $500 AND OF COURSE, HAVE SOME FUN!
  • Live Webinar
    31 Aug, 17:00 – 18:30 BST
    Discover one of the most effective tools I've encountered in my lifetime of personal and professional growth. I promise that if you take the time to register for this free webinar and listen to what I have to say with an open heart and mind, it will have a significant impact on your life.

Transform With Me

Life Transformation

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Join upcoming Elite Mentorship Forum - the most transformative program ever created!

It's time to explore an untouched epic landscape hidden in your soul, access your inner power and get to your peak!

Energy Healing

Reiki Treatment

If you really want to heal and prosper, unlock the secret of the universe - tap into a subtle field that permeates and extends beyond the physical body - your energy. Unblock and activate your inner healing capacity to lay a solid foundation for greater transformation.

Psychedelic Preparation

& Integration

Wood Bridge Walking

Considering that entheogens are a powerful mind-altering medicine, preparation for safe, deep and positive transformational experience

is essential. 

Post experience integration is the window of opportunity to harness the momentum to

bring transformational changes

into life.​

Addiction Recovery

Woman on Window Sill

Mature out of addiction naturally with deep mind, body and spirit healing and reclaim your life.

Family Members Support

Through Addiction

Support Group

Family plays a key role in supporting and promoting an addicted loved one's wellness.

Therefore, recovery is a journey involving

the whole family's transformation


Samira, Mental Health Practitioner

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Uriya has transformed my understanding of entheogens. Her extensive knowledge about preparation, navigation through the Plant Medicine ceremonies and integration processes has broaden my horizons. During cacao ceremonies Uriya creates such a wonderful atmosphere with care and attention to all. Uriya emanates so much love and tranquility and provides safe space for healing. My experience was deep, as I received the answers I was seeking and released unprocessed emotions, I realized the importance of a guiding force Uriya held, the importance of each individual that shared their feelings and hopes. 

Join Success Stories

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Jane, IT Manager

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After feeling stuck, lost and low on energy for many years, I didn't expect to get out of my condition so quickly. The sessions with Uriya really accelerated my healing and breakthrough.  Uriya is so good at getting to the core of the issue and connecting to your true inner self. The techniques she taught me to calm the circuits in my brain and practicing self love daily helped me to finally find my inner peace and the deep sense of Wholeness. I didn’t even notice how I let go of my old stories. I restored my sleep. I feel energized and full of life throughout a day. This was the shift I was missing and looking for in my life. I am incredibly grateful to Uriya for such an astonishing experience. ☺️


Kristina, Sales Development Representative & Yoga Instructor

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I heard about Uriya a day after my ayahuasca ceremony. One of my dearest friends told me that she is a spiritual coach with a lot of experience and knowledge in this field. She truly is one of the best spiritual teachers! She is such a beautiful soul with a big heart full of love. I have learnt the importance of body and soul connection, proper nourishment and much more. During one of our sessions, we realised that we have some similarities in our live stories and ever since she has been a great example for me how to deal with challenging situations, let go of fear and be true to myself. I believe we met for a reason, as all people we meet in our life and I could not feel more grateful for this!