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Move with unshakeable grace
into the greatest version of yourself 
Elite Mentorship Forum

The most transformative personal growth

programme in the world ever created

Seven key benefits of EMF for you:

  • Dive into greater awareness about the fundamental intelligence of the universe and harness the latest discoveries in quantum physics to rule your reality.

  • Anchor yourself in what is real, eternal, unique, mighty, and magnificent within you.

  • Transcend inner turbulence into personal transformation and build meaningful and beautiful relationships with yourself and people who you care about.

  • Raise your vibration so you feel calm, connected, and empowered.

  • Achieve optimum health and vitality – in body, mind, and spirit, which provide you with the best insurance for years ahead.

  • Join a progressive community of like-minded people and develop a stronger, authentic network that will foster real growth and success.

  • Change the trajectory of your life and enjoy a deeply fulfilled, balanced and self-empowered life. 

Elite Membership Forum (EMF) is a ground-breaking, all encompassing six-month program created to help you to overcome any barriers preventing you from life you always desired.

Over 27 weeks, I will be there to support you through the most transformative event of your life. You will unlock your boundless potential and enjoy a healthy, harmonious and abundant life.

Elite Mentorship Forum is more than a course you relax and watch. It’s a transformative experience. EMF is a journey we take together, so you will never feel stuck alone on your adventure. 


It’s your chance to move into the next great vision and version of yourself. Are you ready to move through the world with unshakeable grace?

"I fly because it releases my mind
from the tyranny of petty things ."
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The EMF Success Formula




13 Modules in 3 Phases

  • 6 months paced learning taught by Peter Sage - the world's leading coach and best-selling author (pre-recorded videos & audios).




Downloadable Materials

  • Progressive downloadable audios, transcripts, learning tools, meditations, books, affirmations, recommendations and action guides.

  • 12 Modules Workbooks with practical exercises and knowledge tests.

Wrapped Gift


Bonus Materials

  • Bonus 11 Part Inspirational Series with Worksheets - (Valued At £850) and more

Virtual Team Meeting



  • Ensure you stay on track

  • Build a valuable global network of 35,000+ high-achieving EMF alumni.

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Mind-Body-Spirit Wellbeing

  • Accelerate transformation and achieve optimum health and vitality with BONUS workshops offered by Uriya which include:

    • Detox as a lifestyle​

    • Biohacking: top healthy solutions and supplements

    • Tips & recipes for healthy nutrition

    • Understanding addictions and path to recovery

    • Powerful techniques to reduce stress, anxiety and conquer your fears.

Online meeting


Weekly Q&A and Community Calls

  • 100% support, sharing and caring - get all your questions answered by EMF Trainer Uriya Jurik.

  • Safe, compassionate, non-judgmental support group to accelerate your learning through shared experiences.

No matter where you are in life – your past does not define your destiny.
The only thing that does are the choices you make today!

What direction will your life take? 

Learn from a Psychedelic Preparation & Integration Coach - Uriya Jurik

  • What is EMF?
    The Elite Mentorship Forum is a proven and effective transformation program which supplies the key to understanding how to live a truly empowered life. It is an all-encompassing program, which has a way of providing exactly what it is you are seeking (whether you know it or not). It could be financial security, absolute certainty, core strength, inner peace, unconditional love, better health, relationship assurance, emotional mastery, advanced learning techniques or simply a better way to be.
  • Who is Peter Sage?
    Peter Sage is a leading world authority on effective personal transformation and one of the most sought-after mentors and personal one-to-one coaches in the world today. He is one of the few qualified Trainers for Robbins Research International (as recognised by the Robbins-Madanes Institute) and worked alongside Tony Robbins at his events for over 15 years. Peter has an innate ability to understand people at a profoundly deep level. His work identifies and helps shift both overt and unconscious patterns of limiting behaviour, to create lasting change. A student first and teacher second, Peter has spent 30+ years studying with top mentors (e.g. Dan Peña, Dr. Joe Dispenza, NASA Physicist Tom Campbell). The result of his lifetime’s work, EMF is one of the most refreshing, modern, exciting, effective, valuable, and affordable personal transformation programs ever created.
  • Who is your EMF Trainer?
    Hi, I am Uriya Jurik, a Certified EMF Trainer. I offer real transformation, not just information! I specialise as a Coach for addiction recovery, life transformation, psychedelic journey preparation and integration. To accelerate change, I also support my clients with Energy Healing. I help people to heal, transcend any limitations, see their greatness, and step into the full expression of their true being by weaving together ancient philosophies, spiritual practices and healing modalities with modern psychology, quantum physics, nutrition and neuroscience to help you achieve optimum health and vitality– in body, mind and spirit. I volunteer to Guildford Walking for Health as Walk Leader to promote active lifestyle and social connections in local community. I am also a happy mother of three children, a carer of a cat and a dog, an artist and a joyful and compassionate human being with a purpose of raising humanity's consciousness as my contribution to improving wellbeing of our Planet! All EMF course trainers have been personally selected by Peter and his team. They are all EMF graduates having also undergone an intensive EMF Trainer’s course, and they are trained in every aspect of delivering the EMF program.
  • Who is this program for?
    This program truly is for everyone. That may seem like a big claim. However, Peter created this course based on his 30+ years of study, experience and acquired knowledge of human behaviour and what makes us tick. We all have individual desires and needs, and these are addressed throughout the modules. Based on the extensive inside knowledge of how the self-development industry works, he consciously created the content needed to concentrate on those areas that each of us could be missing in our life. Through completing this program your personal needs will be met in every way – even if you do not yet know exactly what they are.
  • What exactly will EMF do for me?
    Like any course or program, results received are dependent on the amount of work and contribution put in. (We don’t get fit by having a gym membership – we have to show up at the gym and actively and consciously put in the time and effort.) With the right mindset and the support not only of your Personal Trainer, but also the rest of your peer group, changes in mindset can be experienced from the first module. As each phase is, on average, 8 weeks, the first major shift starts by the end of the first phase.
  • Is this a business skills course?
    Well, yes and no. This is a life skills course that sets you up for every area in your life which includes business. Many of the tools provided come from Peter’s experience of creating, building, and selling businesses over a lifetime of entrepreneurship. His path through business-building, learning and harnessing the skills needed to succeed, are demonstrated and taught throughout this course. If you are looking to upgrade your business skills this course is definitely for you.
  • What is the structure and duration of the program?
    The EMF comprises 3 Phases with a total of 13 Modules over a period of 27 weeks. The modules are released every two weeks and the majority include three components: Core Study: Module video delivered by Peter, with linked exercises from the module and in the workbook; Bonus Material: Extra information to complement the module which is your choice to do or not; Recommendations: Books, Movies and Extra resources relevant and supplementary to the learning. Each Module has a linked live Community Call and another Trainer–led Q&A call. These are normally alternate weeks and generally last 60 to 90 minutes. The whole Course Syllabus Overview can be viewed above.
  • I work long hours, exactly how much time should I set aside each week?
    The course is 3-4 hours per week minimum. And many EMF graduates have found that one of the benefits of the course is that it has helped them understand there is no necessity to work long hours (truly!). So set aside as much time as you can possibly dedicate, as like anything, the more time you can put in, the more you will get out of it. One extremely powerful point about EMF is that the course has been designed to ensure the fastest results in the shortest achievable time.
  • Can I ask questions during the calls?
    For the regular Q&A calls run by a certified EMF Trainer you are actively encouraged to post your questions. The more questions asked, the more learning for the whole peer group. Ask away!
  • What happens if I can’t attend a Live call?
    You are encouraged to attend all Live calls as much as possible. It is primary in creating a cohesive peer group and safe space for all. Of course it may not always be possible to attend, which is why all calls are recorded and made available through your portal within 48 hours of the Live call.
  • Will there be access to the modules after the program is completed?
    The program includes lifelong access to all the modules PLUS membership into the EMF Alumni. Here you can connect with the larger EMF peer group worldwide – forever.
  • Where can I find more Testimonials and Reviews on EMF?
    Click here to go to Trustpilot: Peter Sage to see recent reviews from EMF participants. Click here to go to YouTube video testimonials
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