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Addiction recovery

"Seeds need darkness to germinate and grow into a beautiful plant, so the recovery from addiction has a potential for profound transformation."- U.Jurik

Addiction is multifaceted and has someone at every corner. People suffer from addiction to food, sugar, drugs, alcohol, screen, gambling, abusive behaviour, negative thinking, overworking, compulsive shopping, and even exercise. From moderate attachment to complete enslavement, the course addiction takes depends on underlying issues and socio-economical-ecological environment. ​Therefore, the most rewarding approach in recovery is holistic.

o Recovery beyond sustaining sobriety. Get real help with solving the addiction underlying problems through personal growth, healing past traumas, liberating from social conditioning, developing lifelong skills of mindfulness, enduring hardships, so you never relapse again.

o I facilitate a safe, non-judgmental, compassionate, and inspiring space for true transformation and natural maturation out of addiction.

o  I meet you where you are and support you on your terms, at your pace, adhering to your true essence.


o I support you to create and execute an authentic step-by-step recovery strategy to guarantee positive changes daily.

o I provide you with practical tools to bring profound and lasting changes in nutrition, health, lifestyle, relationships, and all aspects of life.

If you are ready for transformational recovery journey (or you are not sure yet), please book a FREE discovery call by filling the form below to explore how I can help you.

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