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Family Support Through Addiction Recovery

“The opposite of addiction is not sobriety. It is human connection,”  ~ J. Hari

Support Group

Addiction is one of the most challenging hardships one may encounter.


With each relapse, the parents may feel like if they are losing their child again and again. Furthermore, the cultural stigma around addiction creates an additional barrier to seek and receive appropriate help.

My intention is to empower parents who deal with addiction in the family to shift the dynamics from shame, guilt, despair, fear and confusion to an inspirational and confident parenting that genuinely enables their loved one to persevere through addiction recovery and catalyses transformational growth and wellness for the whole family.

As a transformational addiction recovery coach and a mother of three, my biggest hope is to ensure that families do not continue losing their loved ones to addiction but share the life of joy, health and special connection.

My support extends to any member of a family: a partner, a grandparent or a sibling who is impacted by addiction of a person you care about.

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