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Entheogens Preparation and Integration

You don't do it to get high, you do it to get FREE!  The addictive behaviour doesn't kick in because your underlying reason is freedom, not escape.

Entheogen coaching is guidance for people who use psychedelic medicines to catalyse personal growth, healing, addiction recovery, and self-discovery. These practices induce profound changes in perception, including changes in the experience of time or space, as well as alterations in moods, thoughts, and may also help with detoxification of body, healing from emotional traumas, deconditioning of the mind, unleashing creativity and providing important insights about one’s life. It can be effective for mental health issues and addiction recovery when other therapeutic pathways have failed.

Although people used medicinal plants for thousands of years in different cultures around the world, interest to entheogens reoccurred in 1950’s and has been growing rapidly in the past decades. Media is flooded with information: from clinical research to personal experiences, which might be ambivalent and misleading. However, psychoactive substances are still illegal in most parts of the world. Often people who can not afford travelling to the countries where these practices are part of indigenous culture, find their ways to underground facilitators. Despite the legal context, psychedelic experience can involve potential risks. Therefore, preparation for safe, deep and positive transformational experience is essential.


Often people come back very open and vulnerable, therefore it's very important to ensure a supportive and stable environment to sustain successful integration of the healing and the insights gained during the experience. Otherwise it can be counterproductive and can lead to more emotional dysregulation and relapse to the baseline. 

Due to increased neuroplasticity, post experience integration is the window of opportunity to harness the momentum to bring transformational changes into life.​

Preparation / harm reduction coaching includes:

  • Exploring what really drives you to the experience and identifying your readiness.

  • Educational information about entheogens and risks.

  • Navigating through available options and identifying what could work best for you.

  • Clarifying needs and intention, framework, and personal responsibilities.

  • Discussing the importance of set, setting, facilitator & support.

  • Holistic preparation: mindfulness, nutrition, diet, contraindications.

  • Setting up for integration.

  • Teaching to navigate through altered states of mind: how to sooth, ground, face fears and challenges, how to surrender to the medicine and mindfully observe for enhanced and insightful experience.  


Post experience Integration Coaching includes:

  • Processing, sustaining and integrating beneficial experiences to real life.

  • Authenticate meaning and lessons learnt through documenting the insights and ongoing journaling.

  • Social integration.

  • Personal growth and manifesting positive change.

  • Maintaining holistic integration lifestyle.




Samira, Mental Health Practitioner

Uriya has transformed my understanding of entheogens. Her extensive knowledge about preparation, navigation through the ceremonies and integration processes has broaden my horizons. During cacao ceremonies Uriya creates such a wonderful atmosphere with care and attention to all. Uriya emanates so much love and tranquillity and provides safe space for healing. My experience was deep, as I received the answers I was seeking and released unprocessed emotions, I realised the importance of a guiding force Uriya held, the importance of each individual that shared their feelings and hopes.


Taco, Start-up Founder & CEO

Prior to my association with Uriya, I was navigating a sea of self-doubt and felt as if I was damaging all the things I held dear in my life. I was in a challenging state of mind as I was preparing for my inaugural Ayahuasca journey. Uriya's gentle yet assertive support was instrumental in helping me grapple with my inner demons, my fears, my potent feelings of guilt and shame, work-related stress, and confront life's hurdles with honour, tenacity, and a renewed optimism for an improved future. Uriya's guidance during Psilocybin and Huachuma sessions further facilitated a profound level of healing within me. Uriya's guidance coupled with unwavering faith in my abilities encouraged me to enhance my overall wellbeing and lifestyle. This has been a transformative leap in my personal development. Now, I am capable of stepping into any sphere of my life as the most genuine, grounded version of myself, be it as a leader, a father or a pillar of support to those who matter to me. If lasting change is what you're seeking, I can't recommend a better mentor or coach than Uriya.


Maria, Health Coach

I immediately felt the love, acceptance and  non-judgement radiating from Uriya when in her presence.  Even though I have experienced plant medicines since 2012, Uriya opened a deeper connection and appreciation for me…a deep respect and honouring for the gifts nature provides. Uriya’s heart-centered approach brings peace, love, acceptance and healing to all.


Rodrigo, Herbalist

From the first instance of meeting Uriya, part of me already knew she'd be and play a fundamental part in my journey. Just from the ease of flow when being around her allowing me to be my true self. Following a series of synchronicities our paths brought us together where she has been a source of honest, unconditional and nurturing support during a much needed stage of my inner journey and integration process of my lessons.


Kristina, Yoga Instructor

I heard about Uriya a day after my ayahuasca ceremony. One of my dearest friends told me that she is a spiritual coach with a lot of experience and knowledge in this field. She truly is one of the best spiritual teachers! She is such a beautiful soul with a big heart full of love. I have learnt the importance of body and soul connection, proper nourishment and much more. During one of our sessions, we realised that we have some similarities in our live stories and ever since she has been a great example for me how to deal with challenging situations, let go of fear and be true to myself. I believe we met for a reason, as all people we meet in our life and I could not feel more grateful for this!

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