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The Truth About Addiction

Addiction is a complex issue that can be described as dissociation from one's true nature due to lack of self-love, self-esteem, underdeveloped stress coping mechanisms and conditioned limiting believes.

Addiction can take many forms and layers. And there is a lot of stigma around this phenomenon. The truth is that most of us deal with some sort of addiction or even with a bouquet of addictions like alcohol, junk/processed food, sugar, prescription drugs, gaming, social media, TV, porno, destructive behaviour, etc. As an escape and coping mechanism, addictive mindset is engrossed in our human culture, manifesting on both micro and macro levels everywhere in the society.

People become addicted under different circumstances. The course addiction takes depends on underlying causes (childhood trauma, negative life experiences, etc.), socio-economic-ecological environment and the level of consciousness/awareness. Addiction can take a long progression and the recovery can become a battle with on and off success. However, I believe that addiction might become a gateway to a deep personal transformation. A wake-up call can come in different forms. From experience, I believe that the most important aspect of transformational recovery is spiritual awakening and growth. It takes a conscious choice to look for self-worth and love within.

Often friends and family's pressure and expectations only increase shame and guilt and can put you down the recovery spiral.

Contact me for a nurturing expert support if you struggle with any addiction.


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