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PAIN: Pay Attention, Integrate Now!

There is a power in our pain that nobody can take away from us. However, in some people pain catalyses either a breakdown or a breakthrough.

This unpleasant physical or emotional experience is a signal to raise awareness to something in your body or your life that needs to be addressed.

if you choose not to deal with it; most likely it will deal with you. The pain will cloud our judgement, come out in attitude, our behaviour, the choices we make, turning our pain into bigger suffering.

We can either numb ourselves turning to quick-fix solutions outside like alcohol, drugs, pills, distractions, or allow it to be our motivation to do some good. Painkillers are literally awareness killers.

If we learn to pay attention, we will examine closely the cause and the nature of the pain. This conscious awareness opens the possibility to process it. Our pain becomes the catalyst that enables us to change our life for the better.

Sometimes we hide our pain from others. But most powerful people are those who are not afraid being vulnerable because it allows them to better relate to others.💫


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