The significance of preparation & training leading into addiction recovery

Addiction means enslavement. Breaking free from addiction makes you free to connect with and love who you truly are.

Preparation for life in sobriety helps a person to become aware, acknowledge and foresee the changes and challenges coming with it. A person must be ready to have an honest look on how the addictive behaviour affects his life. Short-term sobriety achieved with external intervention like rehab treatment most likely would not set a person for a long-term recovery. The integration back to the mainstream culture will be successful if a person does have a recovery strategy and prepared for necessary changes in life which includes work on underlying issues, developing healthy coping mechanisms, implementing recovery diet and creating a new healthy environment.

Drawing on the client’s history of addiction and current situation a coach can help the client to gain clarity and fresh perspective on their needs in order to change. A coach can help a client to develop a holistic vision for the best recovery outcome, prioritize their steps in recovery strategy, have an honest and positive outlook, identify the risks, obstacles, hardships during the recovery process and consequences if change doesn’t happen, learn and integrate healthy habits, routines, relationships, and activities. An addiction recovery coach provides an accountability to prevent relapse or if relapse happens to learn from it and get back on track with the higher awareness. Recovery is a challenging but a truly rewarding journey that can instigate a major transformation in someone’s life.

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