Sugar is an Antinutrient and #1 Addiction!

“Sugar is 8 times as addictive as cocaine” – Dr. Mark Hyman

In addicted culture no one wants to break the unspoken pact we have with sugar, because it’s the most addictive substance that enslaved us as society. While Cocaine and Heroin activate only one area in the brain for pleasure, sugar lights up the brain like a disco ball!

Any great moment of our lives is celebrated by consuming alcohol (which is pure sugar!) and other food and drinks based on sugar and refined carbs. Health supporting charity events raise money by selling cupcakes and ice-cream. We happily set up our children for addictions by rewarding them with sweets.

Our bodies are not designed to deal with the constant bombardment of high blood sugar that is caused by consuming alcohol, white sugar, and white flour. Overconsumption of sugar has detrimental effects on our mental and physical wellbeing.

“The crash after the burn was normalized. Craving sugar and not being able to go without is completely normal. We are encouraged to ignore our health issues, blame the disease and symptoms on other things, and call it hereditary. These beliefs about sugar have cost humanity a big one, including all kinds of diseases, arthritis, mental fogginess and deterioration, obesity, diabetes, chronic pain, and cancer. Sugar is not only unhealthy, it can become toxic and even deadly with overconsumption. Moreover, thousands of chemicals are mimicking the taste of sugar, such as artificial sweeteners and flavouring. People are addicted to both real sugar and synthetic imitations of all kinds, which are even worse.” – Being True To You.

The current food industry has hijacked our taste buds, hormones, gut and brain chemistry.

“Binge-eating junk food and sugar for months followed by a quick and dirty fast does not cancel out the damage and (toxins) build up that has occurred, or make binge-eating okay” - Being True To You..

Addiction almost always based on sugar addiction and therefore involves craving for poor diet based on sugar and junk food full of refined carbs.

Like with any addiction, if you suspect you have a sugar addiction, you need to rehabilitate your system and start building new – conscious relationship with your body and food.

If you need support, do not hesitate to contact AUROOM LIFE.

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