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Is Addiction a Disease or Dis-ease?

"Like seeds germinate in the darkness so the recovery from addiction can become a transformation."- U.Jurik

In the time of globalisation, rapid industrial and technological development, which along with serving, consume our lives, most people feel helplessly at the mercy of surrounding conditions. In the destructive processes they are subjected to, in the impenetrable tangle of political and economic power, and the distractions and diversions gambits of cheap entertainment industry, people struggle to find any existential meaning.

Our ability to self-regulate and connect deeply to ourselves and the world diminished due to alienation from the natural world and depersonalisation of human connection due to bureaucracy and technologies. As a distraction and coping mechanism, addictive mindset is engrossed in our human culture, manifesting on both micro and macro levels everywhere in the society.

Addiction is a destructive way of coping with life and personal issues. Trapped in pain, self-doubt, guilt, perceived pleasures and escapism from reality, addicted people have unhealthy relationships with substance or behaviour patterns that disconnect them from their authentic self and life purpose.

Does the addictive mindset define only hardcore drug addicts? What about compulsive shopping, eating disorders, control, and negative thinking obsessions, screen and gambling addictions, overworking, to name a few? Anyone can experience addictive mindset when the desire to escape a feeling is acted upon with the intent of instant gratification. The more a person feeds this impulse, the stronger addiction will become.

“In the mind, addiction shows up as a belief structure. The belief that relief, reward, pleasure, and happiness come from something outside of oneself. It is a mentality that seeks self-protection (me against the world, or us against them), holds defences against change, projects problems outward, depends on the external environment for answers, and constantly seeks to escape” – Deanne Adams from Being True To You.

The Big Corporations, including Big Pharma have been thriving on exploiting the weak points of human nature and leveraging people’s suffering. According to their agenda, addiction is nothing more than a disease that can be medicated.

However, for people who are willing to take personal responsibility for their lives, the recovery from this dis-ease can become a pathway to grow into the best version of themselves.

If you are struggling with any addiction, contact AUROOM LIFE to help you to create a holistic recovery strategy, stay on track with your goals, resolve underlying issues, and support on every step of your transformational recovery journey.

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