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The Blissful Synergy of Cacao & Dance

Updated: May 4, 2023

Cacao Ceremony is a sacred ritual for us in a chaotic and stressful world to unwind and revive our souls. It allows us to switch off the external noise and take a journey into ourselves to meet and receive the blessings of the spirit of Cacao. It offers us a wonderful opportunity to express our gratitude for all what we received during the year, release what doesn't serve us and open our hearts to step it fresh into the New Year!

Besides being a superfood, Cacao is a powerful Plant Medicine that helps us to release emotional blockages that no longer serve us. Cacao ceremony calms the mind and reconnects us to feelings of peace, love, and creativity. It shows us the way forward if we feel stuck or need courage to make the necessary life changes to move on.

Cacao’s scientific name is Theobroma cacao which translates to ‘Food of the Gods’. According to science, high levels of theobromine widen blood vessels, increase blood flow, and specifically stimulates the heart which attributed to Cacao’s heart-opening properties. Cacao is also a powerful source of four scientifically proven bliss chemicals – serotonin, anandamide, dopamine, phenylethylamine. Cacao is a rich source of polyphenols packed with powerful antioxidants as well as magnesium which is well known as a natural relaxant and sleep promoting mineral.

Historically, Cacao has been used in ceremony by the ancestors of Central America and later by the Aztecs and Mayas as a ritualistic medicine. In the mythologies of these people, cacao was often said to be derived from the heavens and gifted to the people.

Ceremonial grade Cacao is the purest highly vibrational unprocessed raw Cacao that has been cultivated according to ancient traditional methods with the intention of being used in ceremony.

When combined with a healing movement practice like Chakra or ecstatic dance, Cacao brings us into a state of pure bliss and liberation. It is a form of nourishment for your true self – for your soul. Moving to music specifically created to resonate with each chakra, you are guided into your own inner dance of release and re-connection. It's a ceremony of reclaiming and embodiment of your divine beauty and unbounded love. It feels like coming home.

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