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5 Reasons You May Struggle to Reintegrate After A Transformational Experience and An Amazing Solution!

Updated: May 13

So, you just got back from a retreat, a ceremony, a training, etc? Welcome to the other side of the Journey where the actual work begins! You've immersed yourself into the bubble, and I bet you've felt the NEW YOU emerge during this mind-blowing event.

The Truth has come to light. The seeds have been planted and the real work of integrating of your insights and breakthroughs has started now.

Integration process, my pets, cat and dog

Landing back to your normal environment and dealing with daily life can be unexpectedly challenging as you realise that the divine bubble you were engrossed in didn't quite accompany you back. As you continue honouring your intention with your commitment, occasionally you may find yourself drawn back into old patterns. Environment often beats the will, I have seen it many times.

However, the Truth cannot be unseen. In my professional practice as an integration coach I observed individuals coming back to the baseline struggling to sustain the afterglow and integrate the life-changing insights gained from the profound experience into their lives. There are five main reasons why this happens:

Feeling alienated, lonely and vulnerable. Any transformational experience alters our perceptions and worldview. Integrating it can initially cause emotional upheaval, especially if there is a big gap between your environment and your heightened vibes. struggle to reintegrate transformational experience

Cell Inertia. It's possible that our brain's old networks are still firing even after the change. Old memories are stored in our physical brain, bodily cells, and microbiome. Metaphysical transformations take time and effort to materialise.

Inadequate support and lack of accountability. You might be eager to resolve lingering issues and make radical changes in your life. But people in your environment aren't equipped to provide the understanding and nurturing support you need in this process.

Missing an integration tool box. There are beautiful tools, including journaling, walks in nature and meditation that not only help us survive after a retreat, but thrive. These tools help to cope with challenges you may face, and to remain inspired and resolute in achieving your evolutionary goals.

Lack of understanding of the importance of integration. Pitfalls are inevitable on any genuine spiritual path and I have come to realize that these challenges are actually opportunities to learn, grow and evolve and are not evidence of failure. In fact, most of my greatest personal and spiritual advancements have come from difficult situations that I have had to overcome – not the easy breezy periods. Whatever the experience was, the truth cannot be unseen. It is up to us to take positive actions to move our life forward. Our actions reflect our priorities and our priorities become our reality.

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