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Hey! I am Uriya Jurik

I help people to transform their limitations, see their greatness, and step into the full expression of their true being.


I am a Certified Elite Mentorship Trainer, A Certified Coach for addiction recovery, life transformation, entheogenic preparation and integration, as well as a Reiki and Divine Mother's Love and Seraphim Energies Healer. 


I am also a multi-disciplinary artist and co-founder of AUROOM ART Gallery, a loving partner, a mother of three amazing children, a dog and a cat carer, and a human being who loves travel, nature, arts and culture.

I contribute to our Planet's wellbeing by raising humanity's consciousness, by being an example and an invitation for people around me.

Following graduation with a BA in International Economics and later an MBA in Corporate Finance, for a decade I worked in the stressful corporate world. After moving several countries my passion for art surpassed corporate career ambitions. I studied Contemporary Art Business in Sotheby's Institute, Art Gallery & Exhibition Management at City University of London, followed by an MA Fine Art (Distinction) at the University for the Creative Arts, UK.

Although I have accomplished a lot, my life was not always euphoric...


From childhood I suffered with poor health, including severe eczema, fibromyalgia, insecurities, fears and anxieties. Being a truth seeker all my life, put me on the journey of "fixing" myself. I practiced meditation, yoga, veganism, etc. since I was a teen. I became a personal growth junkie and so I practiced myriads of conventional and alternative wellness and high performance modalities. However, even though externally I succeeded in many areas of my life, I still felt as if I was never good enough and I was still in a 'hamster wheel' trying to chase something outside of myself. It was difficult to sustain joy and happiness.


Until one day I realised that suffering and continually looking for the answer outside of yourself in hope for another fix can be a symptom that you have detached from your spiritual root. One of my first fallacies along this journey was in my Intention - there was nothing to "fix". We are always already perfectly divine, so we seek to rediscover the experiential remembrance of this truth. And that truth is that Life is to be Lived - fully and with joy, here and now! 

Through spiritual practices like Tantra, Divine Energies healing, connection with Sacred Medicines, as well as integrating concepts of quantum theory with cutting-edge techniques and latest studies in neurobiology, psychology, wellbeing and nutrition, I truly began to demystify the mystery of Life.

This was a life long journey of deep inner healing, transformation and aligning with my highest purpose which is to be my true self and contribute to the collective well-being on the planet. My second fallacy was that I realised that although we continuously evolve, finding yourself doesn't need to be a long process. It is available right now because that is who you are. All you need to do is to unbecome who you are not! 

To level-up my understanding of addiction, depression, anxiety, psychedelics integration, and personal transformation I certified with one of the most profound and comprehensive coach training program with Being True To You.

Becoming an Elite Mentorship Trainer allows me to offer an all encompassing transformation experience to my clients in a well designed and empowering way.

I founded AUROOM LIFE to inspire and empower everyone on the journey of reconnecting with their true self and finding their life purpose. Deeply spiritual my coaching approach is grounded and practical – its about walking the talk. 

If you will take the courage to shine a light into the darkest shadows within, together we can light up the world and make it a better place to live!

So let me show you the path, help you to avoid pitfalls, and allow yourself to glow.

The life of your dreams begins here and now!

To the hidden gems in your Heart!

Much Love,

Uriya Jurik

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