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Life Transformation

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." ~ A. Einstein


Hi, you are here for a reason.​

  • Do you feel a bit down in the dumps and need motivation to move forward?

  • Do you feel that life is meaningless, full of pain and suffering? Do you hope for a refreshing change?

  • Do your relationships make you feel alive and nurtured?

  • Is your live in alignment with your true purpose? Do you know what your true purpose is?

  • Do you want to manifest the life of joy, passion, abundance and become the most radiant version of yourself?


There are different pathways to a human transformation - through consistent conscious practices or transcending trauma and suffering. It is all about energy that always moves, therefore transformation doesn’t happen in stagnation, moving backwards or in a comfort zone. It requires something new to evolve, expanding your consciousness to the next level of evolutionary development, getting closer to the true essence of being.


Even if you can not always choose what happens to you, you can always choose how you feel and respond... and then observe how everything else aligns. You can remain as still as a stone or flow fearlessly as river, the choice is always yours.

If you are ready to:

  • rediscover and integrate the true self in alignment with your high purpose;

  • expand your consciousness to awaken into your inherent inner wisdom with energy healing and holistic practices of liberation and recovery of the body, mind and spirit from past wounds and traumas, limiting beliefs, unhealthy attachments, and habits;

  • find equanimity in the present moment and have meaningful and harmonious relationships with yourself and others;

  • feel to the core that you are enough, worthy of being loved and successful in life;

  • build and execute a step-by-step strategy to achieve the highest goals you ever thought possible,


I invite you to a transformational journey of mastering the process of "inner alchemy" so you can manifest the life you always knew was yours.

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Jane - IT Manager

After feeling stuck, lost and low on energy for many years, I didn't expect to get out of my condition so quickly. The sessions with Uriya really accelerated my healing and breakthrough. 

Uriya is so good at getting to the core of the issue and connecting to your true inner self. The techniques she taught me to calm the circuits in my brain and practicing self love daily helped me to finally find my inner peace and the deep sense of Wholeness. I didn’t even notice how I let go of my old stories. I restored my sleep. I feel energized and full of life throughout a day. This was the shift I was missing and looking for in my life. I am incredibly grateful to Uriya for such an astonishing experience. ☺️


Rachel, Sacred Medicine Facilitator

 I began working with Uriya during a time in my life where I felt stable but knew there were things lurking beneath the surface that needed to be addressed. I had minimal expectations but ended up being really surprised by how much she was able to help me. The depth of her sincerity was disarming and encouraged vulnerable moments in which I was able to let my guard down and talk about things that I wouldn’t normally discuss with someone I just met. She created a space where I didn’t feel judged, where I felt heard, where I felt understood, where I felt validated and cared for. I was struck by her kindness and ability to communicate, despite English not being her first language. It was seamless and things flowed organically. After working with her for several weeks, I could see her positive influences shining in my life and in my spirit. Her dedication to connecting with others in this unique way really sets her apart from the rest. I highly recommend this amazing woman whose gentle voice speaks truth and wisdom. I absolutely adore Uriya!!


Bianca, Art Teacher

I am really grateful for the holistic guidance that Uriya has given to me over the last few weeks. It has been personal, precise and well researched. Every client is unique to her so you don’t feel like you are getting a coaching manual online but rather something deeply meaningful and designed for you. I have learnt so much and it has reignited my spiritual and artistic journey.

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