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AUROOM LIFE mission is to inspire people all over the globe to transform and manifest the life of their dreams – an authentic, healthy, meaningful, and fulfilling life, full of passion, joy, peace, love, and contribution to collective wellbeing.


Uriya Jurik is a certified addiction recovery, life transformation, entheogenic preparation and integration coach and a founder of AUROOM LIFE.  

Following the graduation with BA in International Economics and later MBA in Corporate Finance, for a decade Uriya worked in corporate banking. During this time Uriya also volunteered to promote Central Asian artists to international audience.

After moving several countries Uriya’s passion to art surpassed her corporate career ambitions. She studied Contemporary Art Business in Sotheby's Institute, Art Gallery & Exhibition Management at City University of London, followed by a MA Fine Art (Distinction) at University of the Creative Arts, UK.

Uriya became an independent multimedia artist and a co-founder of AUROOM ART Gallery to support contemporary artists in her home country, Kazakhstan.

From early age, Uriya has been practicing fitness, meditation, yoga, and veganism. She has always been concerned about health and addiction problems societies are contaminated with, and the impact of unconscious human behaviour on the planet. Her life-long experiences, observations and artistic practice culminated in the MA Fine art course research which drew attention to the importance of awakening from the unconscious state of being, deconditioning of our minds and reclaiming a higher level of consciousness through spiritual practices and art.

An emersion in spiritual practices and connection with Plant Medicines catalysed deeper personal transformation and Uriya’s alignment with her true purpose which is to contribute to collective well-being on the planet.


AUROOM LIFE believes that deep in the heart everyone knows that we have the birth right for love, joy, freedom of self-expression and abundance.

AUROOM LIFE invites you to connect to your heart through:

  • a transformational journey of rediscovering and integrating the true self in alignment with your high purpose.

  • an awakening of an inherent inner healer using holistic practices for liberation and recovery of the body, mind and spirit from past wounds and traumas, limiting beliefs, society conditioning, unhealthy attachments, and habits.

  • learning to find balance and joy in the present moment and having meaningful and compassionate relationships with yourself and others.

Gradient Strip


AUROOM LIFE brand contains the golden symbol of Infinity that represents infinite potential and wisdom within us.

AUROOM also reverberates with the word “Aura”, commonly known as human energy field, which provides information about your emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental well-being. Aura is Divine light in you and your personal expression of the infinite universal life force.

AUROOM corresponds to the universal vibration OM (properly pronounced as AUM), a Sanskrit sound that symbolizes the manifestation of the Divine energy and the reflection of the absolute reality.

The universal expression of this primal sound found itself as the root for mantras in Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism, as well as “ʾĀmīn” in Islam and “Amen” in Christianity.

AUROOM LIFE Purple colour emphasises spiritual growth that signifies your high purpose. Gold Colour represents Abundance, Divine guidance, and enlightenment.

Ultimately AUROOM LIFE is an empowering sacred space for you to safely express and create eternal positive life transformations.