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Uriya Jurik

Certified Elite Mentorship Trainer,
Life Transformation, Addiction Recovery and
Psychedelic Integration Coach

Transform With Me

Life Transformation

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Join upcoming Elite Mentorship Forum - the most transformative program ever created!

It's time to explore an untouched epic landscape hidden in your soul, access your inner power and get to your peak!

Energy Healing

Reiki Treatment

If you really want to heal and prosper, unlock the secret of the universe - tap into a subtle field that permeates and extends beyond the physical body - your energy. Unblock and activate your inner healing capacity to lay a solid foundation for greater transformation.

Psychedelic Preparation

& Integration

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Considering that entheogens are a powerful mind-altering medicine, preparation for safe, deep and positive transformational experience

is essential. 

Post experience integration is the window of opportunity to harness the momentum to

bring transformational changes

into life.​

Addiction Recovery

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Mature out of addiction naturally with deep mind, body and spirit healing and reclaim the life you truly deserve.

Family Members Support

Through Addiction

Support Group

Family plays a key role in supporting and promoting an addicted loved one's wellness.

Therefore, recovery is a journey involving

the whole family's transformation


Samira, Mental Health Practitioner

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Uriya has transformed my understanding of entheogens. Her extensive knowledge about preparation, navigation through the Plant Medicine ceremonies and integration processes has broaden my horizons. During cacao ceremonies Uriya creates such a wonderful atmosphere with care and attention to all. Uriya emanates so much love and tranquility and provides safe space for healing. My experience was deep, as I received the answers I was seeking and released unprocessed emotions, I realized the importance of a guiding force Uriya held, the importance of each individual that shared their feelings and hopes. 

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Shina, Company Director

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I was impressed by Uriya from the first moment I met her. She is an authentic, intuitive and gifted healer who is incredibly wise, professional and easy to relate to. Her knowledge in so many aspects of holistic health is impressive and I love her inspiring and uplifting attitude to life. Her meditations are incredible leaving you feeling re-energised and full of positivity. She is a tonic for the soul.

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Gulshat, Artist

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I was very lucky to have online coaching with Uriya. From the very first minutes, despite the distance, we formed a trusting bond. Her methods of transformational coaching, and the work is built on the verge of "magic". In the hands of a mentor, I witnessed my own development as a person going through the inner transformations of body and soul. Amazingly, Uriya has the ability to find keys for any situation, she is always in the flow and this makes her skills unique. Also, thanks to her expert curatorial skills, I really grew as an artist. My creativity and confidence are bursting and I have a great vision for my career development. Eternally grateful!


Pamela, Artist

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Uriya has been teaching me to bring magic and joy in my life. She helped me to set firm intentions, focus on the positive, be strong and a fabulous mirror for my children and grandchildren. During the course, Uriya created a beautiful safe haven for us to transform. Uriya has taught me to be present and avoid projecting into the future. She has taught me to break old patterns and build new positive  patterns. To prioritise me, Pam, because I can only give from a full cup. She has taught me to control the controllable, to raise my consciousness and give myself permission to be HAPPY.  Uriya has guided me in a gentle, authentic way. Her intuition is brilliant. Her whole demeanour is full of love, kindness and wisdom. She lights up the room. I feel blessed to have this unique and very special experience.

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Since meeting an Angel, a Guru, a friend Uriya, my intuition is on overdrive and I am loving it! My senses are heightened and everything in my life, including my business is giving me more joy and abundance.  My love and admiration of people has become deeper and the experience of unity with others during Uriya's course was absolutely beautiful. I was especially blown away with the power of Uriya's guided healing meditations. Amazing!


Bianca, Art Teacher & Writer

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I am really grateful for the holistic guidance that Uriya has given to me over the last few weeks. It has been personal, precise and well researched. Every client is unique to her so you don’t feel like you are getting a coaching manual online but rather something deeply meaningful and designed for you. I have learnt so much and it has reignited my spiritual and artistic journey.


Rachel, Sacred MEdicine Facilitator

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 I began working with Uriya during a time in my life where I felt stable but knew there were things lurking beneath the surface that needed to be addressed. I had minimal expectations but ended up being really surprised by how much she was able to help me. The depth of her sincerity was disarming and encouraged vulnerable moments in which I was able to let my guard down and talk about things that I wouldn’t normally discuss with someone I just met. She created a space where I didn’t feel judged, where I felt heard, where I felt understood, where I felt validated and cared for. I was struck by her kindness and ability to communicate, despite English not being her first language. It was seamless and things flowed organically. After working with her for several weeks, I could see her positive influences shining in my life and in my spirit. Her dedication to connecting with others in this unique way really sets her apart from the rest. I highly recommend this amazing woman whose gentle voice speaks truth and wisdom. I absolutely adore Uriya!!

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Jane, IT Manager

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After feeling stuck, lost and low on energy for many years, I didn't expect to get out of my condition so quickly. The sessions with Uriya really accelerated my healing and breakthrough.  Uriya is so good at getting to the core of the issue and connecting to your true inner self. The techniques she taught me to calm the circuits in my brain and practicing self love daily helped me to finally find my inner peace and the deep sense of Wholeness. I didn’t even notice how I let go of my old stories. I restored my sleep. I feel energized and full of life throughout a day. This was the shift I was missing and looking for in my life. I am incredibly grateful to Uriya for such an astonishing experience. ☺️


Kristina, Sales Development Representative & Yoga Instructor

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I heard about Uriya a day after my ayahuasca ceremony. One of my dearest friends told me that she is a spiritual coach with a lot of experience and knowledge in this field. She truly is one of the best spiritual teachers! She is such a beautiful soul with a big heart full of love. I have learnt the importance of body and soul connection, proper nourishment and much more. During one of our sessions, we realised that we have some similarities in our live stories and ever since she has been a great example for me how to deal with challenging situations, let go of fear and be true to myself. I believe we met for a reason, as all people we meet in our life and I could not feel more grateful for this!

Holding Hands
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"The depth of her sincerity was disarming and encouraged vulnerable moments in which I was able to let my guard down and talk about things that I wouldn’t normally discuss with someone I just met. Uriya's dedication to connecting with others in this unique way really sets her apart from the rest. .

Rachel - Sacred Medicine Facilitator

Why transform with me?


Hi! I am Uriya.

I am a Certified Elite Mentorship Trainer, a Certified Coach for addiction recovery, life transformation, psychedelic journey preparation and integration, as well as an Energy Healer. I help people to heal, transcend any limitations, see their greatness, and step into the full expression of their true being

I founded AUROOM LIFE to offer empowering holistic support for you to unleash your highest potential and develop an effective and enjoyable lifestyle to manifest a purposeful and abundant life in alignment with your authentic self. 


Deeply spiritual my approach is grounded, engaging and practical – it is about walking the talk and most importantly - enjoying the process.


To support my clients, I blend ancient spiritual practices and healing modalities with modern psychology, quantum physics, nutrition, biology and neuroscience to activate optimum health and vitality– in body, mind and spirit.

With my nurturing guidance you will have greater understanding of reality, build resilience and be equipped with a valuable toolbox of powerful techniques and methods to self regulate, develop a healthy outlook and joyful relationships with yourself and the world around.


When holistic coaching is complemented with Reiki, Divine Energies Work or Access Consciousness Bars, people experience rapid positive changes in their lives.

If you are looking for potent and proven ways to unlock true healing, finally have a breakthrough in personal growth and achieve life-changing results, AUROOM LIFE is a safe, compassionate and non-judgmental space where your infinite life transformations happen.

To the hidden gems in your Heart!

Much Love,


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