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A Free E-book on How to Heal & Unleash Your Potential Through Expanding  Your Consciousness 

with Psychedelics.

Psychedelics as a Tool for Transformation

"You don't do it to get high, you do it to get FREE!  Addictive behavior doesn't kick in because your underlying reason is freedom, not escape" - Rev. Michael Beckwith

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Learn from a Psychedelic Preparation & Integration Coach - Uriya Jurik

Uriya Jurik is a Certified Transformational Coach for Addiction Recovery and Psychedelic Preparation & Integration with extensive experience and scientific knowledge in the field of Psychedelic Assisted Healing and Transformation.

Whether you are driven by curiosity, are preparing for your first ceremony or retreat, or are in the process of integrating your psychedelic experience into your life, this bite-size 40 pages E-Book will create a solid foundation for understanding these sacred tools of personal development and help you navigate through the abundance of information mixed with anecdotes, misconceptions that can be overwhelming and misleading. 


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What People Say


Rachel, Sacred Medicine Facilitator

 I began working with Uriya during a time in my life where I felt stable but knew there were things lurking beneath the surface that needed to be addressed. I had minimal expectations but ended up being really surprised by how much she was able to help me. The depth of her sincerity was disarming and encouraged vulnerable moments in which I was able to let my guard down and talk about things that I wouldn’t normally discuss with someone I just met. She created a space where I didn’t feel judged, where I felt heard, where I felt understood, where I felt validated and cared for. I was struck by her kindness and ability to communicate, despite English not being her first language. It was seamless and things flowed organically. After working with her for several weeks, I could see her positive influences shining in my life and in my spirit. Her dedication to connecting with others in this unique way really sets her apart from the rest. I highly recommend this amazing woman whose gentle voice speaks truth and wisdom. I absolutely adore Uriya!!


Samira, Mental Health Practitioner

Uriya has transformed my understanding of entheogens. Her extensive knowledge about preparation, navigation through the ceremonies and integration processes has broaden my horizons.

During cacao ceremonies Uriya creates such a wonderful atmosphere with care and attention to all. Uriya emanates so much love and tranquillity and provides safe space for healing. My experience was deep, as I received the answers I was seeking and released unprocessed emotions, I realised the importance of a guiding force Uriya held, the importance of each individual that shared their feelings and hopes. 


Rodrigo, Herbalist

From the first instance of meeting Uriya, part of me already knew she'd be and play a fundamental part in my journey. Just from the ease of flow when being around her allowing me to be my true self. Following a series of synchronicities our paths brought us together where she has been a source of honest, unconditional and nurturing support during a much needed stage of my inner journey and integration process of my lessons

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DISCLAIMER: Coaching and energy healing is not a substitute for medical treatment, but can be used as a powerful complementary practice.

I do not encourage or facilitate the use of psychedelics. Psychedelics are illegal in most countries. In addition, those who are predisposed to psychosis should never try psychedelics, even in microdoses outside of an official therapy. I support clients with psychedelic preparation and integration coaching which includes harm reduction and maximizing the benefits of the psychedelic experience for the client's life and health. Although I make every effort to help clients to achieve great results and often clients experience immediate relief, the level of success is dependent upon many factors including the client's coachability and discipline, among other factors. Because these success factors vary greatly in individuals, by law I can not guarantee any results. And this is the best part - your success is entirely dependent on you!



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